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cropped-dhr_logo_3-2.png About 'isengagedd' HR

Isengagedd HR is a UAE based hiring firm. ‘Hiring ethics’ and ‘inclusion” are core to our business. Executive Search works to help future talents with through the campus program. Our hiring extends to People with willpower. Mr. Mannish Kumarr is the brain behind this unique concept.

The pandemic with the downturn in fossil fuel left many jobless. People suffered from job loss and pay cuts. It pushed the founder towards a cause of out placed talents. We provide hiring service in the Middle East market.
Our hiring service has below as the guiding theme.

  • Connectedness
  • Restoration
  • Responsibility

We are a growing hiring firm in the middle east. Our roots formed in 2020, during a downward business trend.

We provide hiring – in Dubai. We align to the client’s culture, mission, and goals by hiring the best people.
Provide hiring services in :

  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Professional Services

Consult us for your hiring needs. 

cropped-dhr_logo_3-2.png Who are We?

Our vision is to provide responsible hiring services.

We promote new business owners and upskill future talents. Inclusion is key to our hiring solution.

We get the best culture fit and talent. We work to build your brand with our hiring services.


Who Are We_

cropped-dhr_logo_3-2.png What we offer?

Premium execution to, we offer a range of hiring services to our clients. Moreover, our special local recruitment package includes :

  • Psychometric assessment
  • Background verification services
  • COVID test reports
    engagement reports
  • 30 – 60 – 90 days culture fit solutions

For your manpower and hiring needs, you can reach out to us. We are a job firm near you and only for you. We work on your hiring needs to provide equal employment with a gender mix.
We are known for our hiring, premium executive search. 


We are a pioneer in HR entrepreneurship. With a vision toward responsible hiring. We are encouraging new business, upskill the future talent pool. We engage in responsible hiring.


To research and contribute towards future of work. Engage both in business and talent pool. With the best in HR offerings and value-added service.
Influence clients towards purposeful work. Ensure consistency in business with societal growth.

Growth Strategy

Centered around strategic alliances and value adds for clients. 100% compliant to meet local laws. Adhere to the country-wise business rules. Being aware of their local culture.

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