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Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. Hiring was and still is the
most important thing we do”
— Marc Bennioff, founder, Chairman and co-CEO of Salesforce

“isengaged HR services’ (A Middle East Recruitment Company) as the name
suggests is a revolutionary organization in terms of recruitment because its foundation is
‘inclusion”. It is the first company in Middle East or perhaps globally where the
organization has partnered with a Training Centre for people with determination for job
placement of employable students. The company is actively looking to invest in future of
work and also keen to work on outdoor training for future talents with their campus to
corporate campaigns. Simply speaking it is the best platonic platform to minimize the
fundamental gap between employees and employers by emphasizing on within country
hiring at jet speed. Mr. Manish Kumar is the powerful brain behind this unique and
transitional concept which materialized in the volcanic year of 2020.
The pandemic and downturn in fossil fuel had ravaged the entire world previous few years
and left many jobless and writhing. People suffered not only physically but mentally as
well. With monetary support lost or reduced and those who had jobs were chronically
emotionally scarred due to illegal salary cuts leaving them on the verge of nervous
This motivated founder of ‘isengaged HR Services (Mr. Manish Kumar) to visualize an
organization which would systemize the demography of recruitment. While he himself
being engaged and performing and holds extremely high regards for all his employers
over the years choose not to sign off to a drag by the excel row philosophy and not actual
performance practices of few in the HR fraternity, hence choose not to be victim of this
ravage on employees going on globally due to the Pandemic. This is where
http://www.disengagedhr.com was born (Pronounced as ‘isengaged HR services) with focus to
engage with a purposeful work and rest to be disengaged with.
But being a courageous persona, with connectedness, restoration and responsibility as
his guiding strength he decided not to bow down but rise like a sphynx from the depths
of the surviving start up battles. His timing to start looked unrealistic to many but his
family including his spouse and two lovely children, some close friends, ex-colleagues and
mentors were his support and motivated him to launch an everlasting recruitment
organization which would change the roadmap of future of HR services.
‘isengaged HR services” is a metamorphosis from the traditional HR and currently has
operations in Dubai, rest of Middle East and West Africa. The company is thriving under
the extensive research for not only employees but recruiters’ satisfaction too.
As the name suggests “is engaged’ is about channelizing the synergies of the clients and
employees to create a futuristic bonding and leaves impact on the global industry. A huge
network of consultants are working tirelessly across continents to cater to demands of
hiring companies which include micro companies to magnanimous names not only in
middle East but globally. “isengaged HR services” has the spirit to fulfill the enormous
demands of any industry whether it is pertaining to healthcare, information technology
and professional services. Being a part of both the journeys the Founder has the
fundamentals firmly attached to its roots which have given bewildering results.
Employees and companies both are in secure hands and can be stress free due to the
industry intelligence with execution strength which is the essence of the HR services of
this company.
It’s one of the Middle East company to adapt ‘inclusion’ in their purposeful endeavor at
incorporation stage itself living true value of equal employment for all.


‘inclusion’ and equal employment opportunity is going to be the theme for this decade
and hence we are thriving every single day to live this value.
While its core area is mainstream executive search for the client, but its heart resides in
nonprofit endeavor towards inclusion future talents and also placement opportunities for
the people with determination with or without assistive technology.
‘isengaged HR Services is actively looking to invest in future of work and also keen to work
on outdoor training for future talents, students with its campus to corporate campaign.
Very soon they will be launching worlds most premium executive search brand ‘AIR’
dedicated to new age clean energy solutions embarking an end to dependence on fossil
fuels a decade down the line.
Being the first of its kind in ‘inclusion’ and growth vision extended from executive search
to a robot & AI solution placement the company has already carved a niche for itself by
extraordinary services and value adds which no one in this industry has ever offered, it
includes DISC assessment, background verification, COVID guideline adherence,
engagement reports, and 30-60-90 days’ culture fit solutions. It is gradually changing
the borders and bringing across best talents to recruiters. The actual meaning of
Recruitment has evolved Which is not only giving excellent staff but loyal employees
and corporate entrepreneurs who can embark on a successful journey and take
Recruiters to the epitome of supremacy.

“You can’t teach employees to smile, they have to smile before you hire them”

Arte Nathan, Wynn Las Vegas

WHY INVEST IN- Isengaged HR Services:
Currently there are many companies worldwide catering to recruitment and executive
search, but do they really understand the concept of ‘inclusion’. It is a run of the mill job
for them by simply forwarding resumes and waiting for confirmations. But this is where
‘isengaged HR Services is prominently different. The company ethically understands the
needs of both the sides and that too with ‘inclusion’, then fulfills accordingly by focusing
more on inclusion and satisfaction rather than mere completing the assignment. It wants
to engage for a purposeful work and long-term association with companies and
employees so that their engagement is forever.
Although it is a HR startup but currently the company can proudly boast of an excellent,
impressive clientele and has many upcoming projects in pipeline which will maximize its
growth to the dizzying heights.
Company is registered under Dubai healthcare city in Dubai, UAE and has valid license to
operate in both free zone and Mainland which gives it an edge on its competitors.

The company has evolved strategically in the last 6 months through its focus on in-house
market and global both. At present it is doing focused work in recruitment, and executive
search services in UAE, Israel, USA and rest of the Middle East countries. It is providing
systematic employment solution to companies with an approach towards solution to all
their hiring problems which hamper their growth. It is emphasizing on responsible
recruitment and purposeful work engagement which is gradually leading towards
enormous growth in the coming few years.
By giving the best talents available in the in the global map they are encouraging cross
border hiring and encouraging rich entities to develop and become global brands in the
long run.

Isengaged HR Services
Level 41, Emirates Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, U.A.E, P.O box 31303
Call: +97143197645 http://www.disengagedhr.com Mail: engage@disengagedhr.com

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