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 We are here to offer a unique and cost-effective solution for the burning marketplace needs
1.Hiring Solution:
1a. Perm Hiring (Inside country)
 100% advocates countries nationalization program by encouraging a national
along with the in-country expat hiring (1:4 ratio)
 Specialized in area of ‘in country’ job hiring for every private sector position
considering lower international mobility.
 Skill relevance and candidate availabilty based classification to an agile and
productive recruitment
Remote Hiring solution (Globally)

1b. Work Outsourcing:
 For organizations not hiring currently we do offer ‘work outsourcing’ to get
short term to long term jobs completed by solopreneurs and freelancers with
100% compliance.
 Worklequs – A platform to bring UAE, Israel, freelances along with the global

1c. Productivity & Social Resellers:
Our off the shelf productivity & social tools
 Terramind – Teramind is a leading, global provider of employee monitoring,
user behavior analytics, insider threat detection, forensics and data loss
prevention software solutions. Over 2,000 organizations in finance, legal, retail,
manufacturing, energy, technology, healthcare and government verticals across
the globe trust Teramind’s award-winning platform to detect, record, and
prevent malicious user behavior in addition to helping teams drive productivity
and efficiency.
 QuestionPro offers Survey software for everyone, Research tools to uncover
complex insights, Change customer experiences for the better (NPS+)
 Welneir – New normal to absolute normal will be the trend. Welneir promotes

advance online ,pre event questionnaire mapped to thermal temperature check
during the event to ensure trade events, sports events gets organized with 100%
COVID negative participation and promoting social distancing.

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