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iSHR Recruitment Process

  • Getting in touch: You can always get in touch with our recruitment experts at the coordinates below.
  • Understanding our client’s requirements: After getting in touch with our recruitment experts, we will work towards understanding your requirements including your budget and hiring needs.
  • Defining a turnaround time: After this, we will define a turnaround time and ensure to get the work done within the stipulated time.
  • Communicating about any hindrances/difficulties with the recruitment process: If there are any hindrances that may affect the hiring process, our experts are prompt enough to communicate it with our clients.
  • Devising a clear-cut solution: In case of any hindrances, we then work closely with our clients and provide a clear-cut solution to ensure a smooth recruitment process.
  • Conducting an initial interviewing process: We then proceed to screening the candidates who meet the client requirements and have a short interview via telephone or email.
  • Short-listing candidates: After accessing the right talent pool based on the client’s requirements, we shortlist a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 9 candidates per client based on their needs.
  • Background check: We conduct a round of basic background checks, including asking for references, to ensure credibility of the employee being onboarded.
  • Onboarding management: From the initial onboarding process to even drafting and sending the offer letter, we, at iSHR, assist companies with their overall onboarding management and ensure employee engagement every step of the way.
  • Management of complete HR outsourcing: Be it partial or complete HR-related elements, our expert consultants help provide helpful assistance with managing your entire Human Resources needs.