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Human Resources Outsourcing

As one of the top recruitment and staffing companies in the Middle East, we at iSHR understand the requirements of companies based in this region. Whether you choose to outsource a particular aspect of your Human Resources function or intend outsourcing the entire department’s functionalities, we help you rest assured as we take care of all aspects necessary for your business to achieve its goals

Premium Executive Research

We provide a one-of-a-kind premium recruitment research services through which we help connect our clients with the right candidate suitable for their business requirements. We work with globally- and growth-oriented organizations who help assist in our premium recruitment research process. We always work to deliver the best results so you can rest assured and focus on taking your business to greater heights. 


At iSHR, we provide permanent staffing solutions across the Middle East. Depending on your business’ requirements, we connect you with the right talent pool of fully-screened and qualified candidates of your choice to help you achieve your business objectives. Our expert consultants ensure to provide you with access to the right candidates at any career level with the fastest turnaround time.

Resource Healers

We provide a one-of-a-kind Healing Services program that comprises a variety of therapies integrated within the spiritual care to help candidates and employees cope with today’s fast-paced working zone. Through our Resource Healers, we, at iSHR, provide instruction on a variety of calming and empowering mind-body exercises which have been proven to decrease anxiety and pain, enhance sleep, provide a healthy way to deal with the pressures of today’s corporate world.