Out Placement Service

In today’s uncertain market conditions, companies and their employees must be flexible and adaptable. Companies have to be agile and nimble and sometimes this can result in redundancies

Our career transition services assist affected employees in securing their next job quickly. Our experts assist individuals in developing a plan to reach out to various employers and openings thereby maximizing their efforts. The services go well beyond resume writing and job sites.

This has a favorable effect on the company. Companies who use outplacement services have reported higher productivity, engagement, and loyalty among remaining employees, as well as increased profitability.

We help you plan, communicate, and implement employee transitions through a customized process, tools and a team. Moreover, we help businesses navigate this transformation.

Our expertise facilitates a smooth transition with the goal of causing the least amount of disruption and effect to your business, preserving goodwill. We also make certain that the transfer is done professionally and with the highest respect for the employees involved

Our services include:

  • Engaging with employees to reduce outplacement anxiety
  • Coaching and assessments to help employees to determine the way forward
  • Provide job opportunities and access to local job resource consultants
  • Exit formalities – Interviews, monitoring compliant exit and offboarding process – includes travel monitoring and vendor management wherever exit from country involved
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