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At iSHR, we provide end-to-end HR and recruitment solutions to our clients across diverse sectors

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What is PRO?

PRO services refer to any activity that requires involvement with government authority in processing governmental documents and paperwork, such as visa applications, labour cards, and company trade licencing documentation and approvals.


How does our PRO Services work?

Our PROS liaise with government ministries, freezone authorities and legislative bodies such as Department of Economic Development, Dubai Chamber, Dubai Immigration Naturalization Department, Ministry of Labour, Dubai courts, UAE embassy, General Department for Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Roads and Transport Authority, etc. to balance the administrative work-load of your organization and improve delivery timelines.


Can your PRO manage our entity transactions with government authorities?

Yes, our line of PROs are experienced professionals in the PRO field. They have vast experience in working with all government agencies on daily basis. They can manage all your PRO services related work seamlessly and provide consultation as and when required to be compliant with local laws.


What is the benefit of outsourcing PRO services?

Outsourcing your PRO Services to a PRO Service Company with experience and knowledge across the UAE to handle various government transactions and legal obligations of your company, is not only cost effective but also saves time and avoids any complications or risks that you may incur. A reliable PRO Services company will help you to be compliant and save you from any fines/penalties/reputation loss.


How do I control of my PRO-related operations if I outsource?

We help you build a framework that suited to your internal processes and which aligns with the government requirements. TASC will manage the daily operational part with regular governance meeting and reporting. All decision making remains with the client and hence you will have complete control of your operations. You will have a dedicated Account Manager who will guide and assist you throughout the process.


What services are covered under PRO?

PRO Services cover all transactions related to: Employee visas – new visa, renewal, cancellation, family visa, golden visa, etc Company license – new license, renewal, cancellation/liquidation, movement of license from one zone to another, license amendment, etc Regulatory transactions – attestation of documents, legal translation, RTA related, Municipality, Chamber of Commerce, Ejari, etc As we work with all the government authorities extensively, any company or employee related work can be outsourced through PRO Services