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Who we are

As one of the top recruitment companies in Dubai, we, at iSHR, provide customized and efficient HR solutions for organizations of various sizes across the spectrum.

With over 30+ years of collective experience in the industry, our experts are here to help you rest assured as we work towards fulfilling your business’ hiring needs. By understanding your requirement thoroughly, we, at iSHR, provide a game plan to connect you with the right candidates for your business through our premium recruitment research, contract staffing, iSHR process outsourcing, and offshoring.

  • Our unique approach
  • The unique effective way we work
  • Our unbeatable mindset


We love hearing from our happy clients and candidates.


Why You Should Use a Recruitment Company?

Using a recruitment company will shorten your time to fill your open positions. A recruitment agency can find candidates much faster than you can....


Why Recruiting will remain a Haunting field?

According to the survey, 75% of Job Candidates have been ghosted by a company following an interview while 76% of employers have been ghosted...


Recruiting Non-Traditional Employees

        The recent upheaval has changed the way we operate, and it’s now impacting the way we hire. While the skilled-labor...


iSHR: Purposeful Work to help your business achieve great heights.

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